Chromium -> Chrome in official software repos?

This month Google removed sync support for all Chromium-based browsers.
There is no way to fix this, so there is basically limited usability for Chromium.

Looked into Pamac and there is no Chrome available.
Is it possible to add Chrome to Manjaro official repo (extra) even if it is not fully FOSS?

I know there is AUR (or other browsers), but this may not be the best solution for such a major and most used browser.


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Chrome have an unredestributable license.

You need to enable AUR support

Let know your disappoint to Google


Firefox sync works a treat. Regain some of your privacy and keep the net neutral.


Vivaldi works well on manjaro. It’s not FOSS but it’s chromium based and sync works perfectly. It’s certainly better than chrome as there’s very little telemetry and has built in add-blocking


If due to some mystery, one doesn’t want to be master in own house using Firefox, it is possible to use Epiphany (Gnome browser).

Linux Distros cannot just like that adding properitary software into their repos (see Spotify case in the past).
You can always add extra repo with pre-build package Unofficial user repositories - ArchWiki

Depends on the restrictions in the license, not all proprietary software have an unredestributable license

Google Chrome HAVE.

I know since I posted in this very topic (and elsewhere)

and I remember very well the Spotify case since I was the one that pointed that out and who packaged it

Please don’t get me wrong, I respect every choice. But maybe just because all this hassle Google causes to be able to track and profile their users, it shouldn’t be the most used browser. I was greatly dependent to Chrome sync not too long ago. After I decided to give Firefox a serious chance, the switch was pretty quick and painless. Firefox Sync gave me everything I had and I never looked back.

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I wouldn’t be so sure about that… but that is another topic. Just google “Mozilla CEO Calls for Increased Censorship: ‘We Need More Than Deplatforming’” I still use FF but… that doesn’t smell good for the future.


Hmm, didn’t know that.
Neutral is neutral, this is indeed not.

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