Chromium based browsers flickering

Hello, I installed Chrome browser from AUR, but something is wrong with it. It flickers all the time and I can see my desktop when it happens. I can’t use it like this. First I thought this problem was with Chrome, so I installed Brave browser and it has exact same problem. I need Chromium based browsers very much. Please help.

the best chromium based browser is chromium only :wink:

nevertheless you can try and go to the Chrome settings, search for

Use hardware acceleration when available

uncheck it and relaunch Chrome.

Okay, when I get home, will try that and see it helps. I didn’t think about Chromium. I’ll give it a try. Thank you very much for suggestions :slight_smile:

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au contraire … tis naught but ungoogled-chromium :wink:

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i’ve had momentary flickers but nothing persistent. usually happen when i switch inbetween apps or taskbar.

in other screwups, tab arranging/moving is totally borked on all chrome 97 based browsers.

fwiw … I have none of these issues.
For me the Top/Tab area can become garbled after its open for a long time and … something triggers a glitch so that the area isnt rendered quite right … but clicking in the area or lowering/raising the window will refresh/fix it. Its quite random and uncommon … but it does happen. Though I am pretty sure its to do with one of my experimental flags, and I just dont care enough to investigate.

Your solution helped. Thank you so much. Flicker was very intensive, it made it unavalable to use.

I just downloaded and installed Chromium, but seems like it lacks one important (for me) feature - syncing with Google account, so I’ll stay with Chrome. T

hank you again for your solution :slight_smile:

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As of March 15, 2021, Google has restricted various features in Chromium-based browsers as these features should only be available for Google Chrome. During a review, Google had noticed that various third-party Chromium browsers were using Google features such as Chrome Sync and Click to Call. Google, however, believes that it is the only company that is allowed to use these features. However, because the features were available to other parties, users with various Chromium-based browsers were able to log into their Google account and save personal Chrome sync data such as bookmarks, even though this was supposed to be possible only through Google Chrome. Google has therefore decided to disable the APIs for these features for other Chromium browsers as of March 15, 2021. The data of existing users of the affected Chromium browsers will remain available in their Google account, which also applies to local data.

:arrow_forward: Arch Linux - News: Chromium losing Sync support in early March

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