Chrome Support Manjaro

So basically I have manjaro 20.1 (nibia) on my Thinkpad and I was just wondering if there is a version of chrome on manjaro because I really hate chromium-browser.

Please let me know in the comments

Hi @daemon4407, and welcome!

AFAIK, chrome is not in the repositories. Due to various privacy related concerns.

I know you don’t like chromium-browser, but they are the same thing. Minus Google’s snooping stuff of course.

Another option is ungoogled-chromium. Or Vivaldi, which is also nice.

Then there’s my favourite as well. Firefox.

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Chrome is in the AUR.

pamac build google-chrome

Ssshhhh :wink::yum::grin:

Ben you absolute legend

What on earth does Chrome provide Chromium doesn’t? Strong words for a browser 99% identical.

Well, Google is looking to stop Google syncing for all browsers that aren’t Chrome itself in March. They are also removing access to a lot of private APIs.

What on earth does Chrome provide Chromium doesn’t?

Fedora's Chromium maintainer suggests switching to Firefox as Google yanks features in favour of Chrome • The Register
we are limiting access to our private Chrome APIs starting on March 15, 2021

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It’s due to the license, actually. :wink:


If not motr.

Ah cool. Will remember that now. Whay I meant was user’s browsing privacy concerns.

More about here, for those which doesn’t know about:

Countdown’s Begun!

Yes, I was aware of the API keys being yanked, this isn’t for a few months yet.

It was just, saying “I hate chromium” when it’s the same but with less google tracking was boggling to me.

Please use Firefox, tell your friends to use Firefox.
Google is just gonna make bigger and bolder steps.

I do and I do.
And I’m very proud of it!

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