Chrome started using manjaro system colors after updating

I updated everything yesterday and noticed that Chrome is now using the Manjaro colors.


  • when I mark text in the search-bar
  • when I open a bookmark folder, the background is now dark
  • the toolbar/bookmark bar etc is all in a lighter color
  • bookmark icons are much lighter as well


It looks fine but how would I change this back to default chrome colors?

In Chrome Settings > Appearance
Use the Classic theme.


I just checked and it is already set to classic

You have it like this

and the accents are still green after you restart it ?

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Yes, it says Theme Classic. I made sure by switching to GTK+ (noticable change) and then changing back to Classic.

I restarted Chrome after switching every time (not sure if it is required, the change is already visible without restarting)

I still have the green accents

Not required to restart, the change is instant, but wanted to make sure: do you start it with a custom parameter in the .desktop file?

Look for it in ~/.local/share/applications/

By the way, what DE are you using? I tested it on Gnome, KDE Plasma and Xfce … can’t reproduce it.

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I’m using i3 and I’m using the scaling factor parameter:

google-chrome-stable --force-device-scale-factor=2.5 %U

I just closed all chrome instances and launched it without, but no difference

Quite an important detail … :wink: the gtk3 theme is handled by lxappearance-gtk3 but still should not influence negatively the way Chrome or Chromium display … see

Will investigate more once i got some more time, or maybe someone else has the answer about it, but right now is not very obvious for me why is not working for you.

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I’m using KDE and have noticed the same issue for a while now. I’ve played with the themes and settings just as mentioned here. The only thing I’ve found that ‘fixes’ it is to remove the google-chrome folder from ~/.config, which restores the correct colors. But if I close Chrome and open it again, even without signing into anything, it goes back to following Manjaro system colors.

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Good find @lrussell887 :+1:

Another thing that I have noticed that might be linked to the whole thing is that my mouse cursor has changed? I get the default manjaro mouse cursor while I move my cursor within google-chrome, but when I move it outside, I get DMZ-Black, which I have set up in my system configuration. Just for chrome it seems to be ignored.

Restarting fixed the cursor issue but I am not sure how to fix the colors but I have gotten used to it. Would still be cool to know what happened.