Chrome "save as" for downloads does not gain focus & does not save in some cases

Hello everyone,

Since the last main Manjaro update, I am having two issues with Google Chrome (from AUR package google-chrome), while one existed before.

  1. When I select right mouse button → save as for images or whatever, the “save as” dialogue will not have focus, causing me to type in another window when I try to type a filename. This problem has been there for quite a while.

  2. Now additionally, when I just click save in that dialogue, nothing happens. The file is not saved. I need to click the filename textbox first and then click save. That’s especially annoying because usually the filename textbox would have focus automatically but it does not because of 1.

Number 2 does not always occur.

The problems do not occur in Firefox.

At least number 1 also occurs when I use a fresh browser profile.

I noticed that the theme of the “save as” dialogue as well as many other dialogues changed so I suspect a related package is faulty.

I also know that the problem exists in some other OSes but none seems to have it fixed.

There is a Bug open in Chromium but it does not really contain something leading to a solution or even a cause: 1265366 - chromium - An open-source project to help move the web forward. - Monorail

Chrome version for me is 101.0.4951.64. I’m on Gnome + Wayland.

Thanks in advance for hints and help.