Chrome and VLC ovrride default settings


My default programmes for web is Firefox and for video is Xplayer. However, when I open a saved html file Chrome opens it; when I open a saved video VLC opens it. I hae already uninstalled VLC, but I need Chrome for dictation.

Is there an elegant solution to this?

Thank you in advance!

every de has mimetype association settings.
lxqt has kde has.
see every file type and set a default program to open it.

I am with Cinnamon. Settings > Preferred Applications and there Firefox and Xplayer are set as preferred. Whay more?

Open a terminal window and run

xdg-mime default firefox.desktop text/html

Since you didn't mention what kind of files these are, the easiest approach would be to right-click on each different file type, select Open with other Application, choose the desired application from the list and check the option Remember this application for this file type (I'm not using Cinnamon so it could be something similar to this).

If you find an html or video file, right click it, choose Properties, and there should be an "open with" button where you can select what application should be used for this filetype.

Thank you for the replies! I usually do the right click thing. It does not do the trick with VLC though. I was rash to report it with Chrome without having tried it; so the trouble persists only with the video player.

What kind of files do you want to open with xplayer?

Since you uninstalled VLC what happens when you double-click on these files? What application is used to open them?

The one that I have set as default: Xplayer. I have again installed VLC and the problem appears once more.

It would be helpful if you could share the file types of the files that open in VLC (and not in xplayer) by default.

Hi, you are right! Sorry not to have done it. I have already forgotten the file types as I use xplayer for daily needs and SMplaeyr for more special tasks.

Thank you all for your support!

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