Choosing right platform

Hello community,

I wanna know is my laptop suit for Manjaro OS and how to determine that? I want after installing it i will not have any issues about drivers. for example wifi bluetooth etc…

Laptop is: Lenovo Thinkpad E14 GEN2. Processor 11th Gen Intel® Core™ i5-1135G7 @ 2.40GHz, 2419 Mhz,

any ideas please. thanks.

Normally Intel hardware has no issues with Linux.
The best way to check if your laptop is compatible or not is boot it from a live ISO - play with it for sometime. If you find everything working fine (Wifi/ BT etc. etc.) - it will work fine post installation.

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Thanks for suggestions.

for virtual machine which one should i use? which is compatible for Linux?

If by VM you mean you need to install VM - all Linux flavours are compatible with VM (both Oracle Virtual Box or the ‘internal’ QEMU/ KVM).
However in Live ISO I think you can’t install most software, but if you can see it on the package manager - you can install it after you have installed the distribution on your physical hardware.

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i motley asking that because of that i need online conferences like on Zoom Teams Google meet etc. Hope i will not have issues online meet.

Manjaro as main os and Windows on VM for online meetings.

From experience: Online conferencing using clients / browsers on Manjaro works fine with :

  • Teams client (install it from the AUR) There are 2 versions, the stable and insiders version. At least one will work and run without much trouble if you have current hardware
  • Teams web using chromium
  • Zoom web using chromium and firefox
  • Meets using chromium

Have not had a negative experience, it does depend on the quality of your camera / microphone.
Check if your camera/sound is supported on a site like: Laptop/Lenovo - ArchWiki the specs of your laptop are here I presume

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You can use Zoom as well as google meet from Linux as well (any distro for that matter, including Manjaro).
Yes you can have a Windows VM under Manjaro - provided your CPU supports Virtualization.

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