Choose a user after a standby on GNOME


I have created several users with the Manjaro Manager. When I restart the computer after a standby, Manjaro asks me for the password of the last active user; is it possible to make GNOME by default ask me to choose a user after a standby like after a “real” start?

Thank you.

Do you have autologin enabled or is this in gdm?

it ask you because you suspended your computer… then your user session is still active…
I don’t know gnome and gdm but there is certainly a way to switch user when a session is locked…
but keep in mind that the session will stay active as long as you did not disconnect from it… then it maybe can disallow you to turn off the computer as long as the session is active.

Thanks @Chrysostomus and @scachemaille for your answers! I hope I understood your comments correctly, if it wasn’t the case please excuse my noobness.

  • It’s in the GDM (and I controlled, I have AutomaticLoginEnable set with False).

  • There is a way, but I share my computer and I quite heavily customized Firefox and it bothers the other users. This will only worsen as I customize the session itself, I presume. But instead of using their own session, they still use mine, probably because it’s “easier” (as it’s my login page which is displayed, there is two whole less clicks, you understand ^^).

If they were not knowing your password they would have no choice than to open their own session :wink:
I don’t know if what you want is possible…

How couldn’t it be possible, I came to Linux to gain control!

More seriously, I don’t even know of it’s a good idea, so if it’s not possible it’s a way for the universe to tell me “don’t do that, dummy”.

You have the control…
you are free to implement or change the software how you want it to be… it does not mean the software will adapt to your need automagically :wink:

In your specific case it would be MAYBE easier to teach the others to open their own session or to don’t share your password.

And i don’t think it’s actually gdm that control this but the gnome lock screen.

Yes. Now that I understand your situation, the solution is this: instead of locking your screen, use the options “logout” or “log in as another user” when you leave your computer. Choose the option based on whether or not you wish your session to remain active on the background while the other user is logged in.

Thanks to both of you for your help!

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