Cheese - Vertical Lines

I have installed Cheese app, and see vertical lines in the app window. However, when I take a picture all is OK. How can I remove the multiple vertical lines in the app window? Thank you.

It looks like interference - perhaps a mode setting - Clock the hamburger in upper right corner - explore your options.

Thank you for the reply. I checked there, and in Preferences. However, there didn’t seem to be anything I could change. In fact, the options in Preferences seemed unresponsive.

I don’t know - I have rarely need for webcam - the times I do I use the package guvcview

I know that a change in Gnome toolkit removed access to some settings in Cheese - but that is years ago - at that point someone patched cheese to remove CSD (client side decoration) for gaining access to the settings.

I suggest you uninstall Cheese and try the other package.

Guessing from the window decoration you could be using KDE/Plasma

There is both guvcview-qt and kamoso.

kamoso however lacks the configuration options available with guvcview.

Be aware that first time the settings window most likely overlaps the video - just move the settings window.

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kamoso is the native webcam on KDE Plasma

Thank you for the advice. I will carry out your suggestions and report back later.

Thanks for this. I didn’t know it was default for KDE. I’ll check it out.

@PrettyPixel I can reproduce this issue. The final picture has no issues but the live preview is scrambled and show red and green lines. Note that this doesn’t happen if I select any other picture resolution other than the top 3 options in my case. There are bug reports about the same. You can continue using cheese only as I don’t think live preview is a bid deal.

Thank you so much for confirming this is an issue and not just a problem with my system.

I uninstalled Cheese, and installed Kamoso. Many thanks to everyone.

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