Checksum of minimal ISO not correct?

Can someone please check if the checksum bc060e3d9279f9c0a5f2ce1a3e08213950cecfad0b8e848cdfbe7e71c46af2b5499ce76b52c18be71463ec030b5ece2ec21ad726208425b5f9ba4d42b00bd56a
of the current
is correct?
I’ve downloaded it 3 times and it didn’t match.

My checksum

 $ sha512sum manjaro-kde-22.1.0-minimal-230421-linux61.iso 
bc060e3d9279f9c0a5f2ce1a3e08213950cecfad0b8e848cdfbe7e71c46af2b5499ce76b52c18be71463ec030b5ece2ec21ad726208425b5f9ba4d42b00bd56a  manjaro-kde-22.1.0-minimal-230421-linux61.iso

Your checksum

ok thank you, I hadn’t ticked 512 in GTKhash, I only had 1 & 256 activated (and until now I didn’t even know that SHA512 exists :wink:

Pro tip: the checksum file name ends in .sha512

ok, I didn’t see that either

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