Checking ISO but not having any luck

Hello…Im having problems figuring out how to verify the Cinnamon ISO,…I downloaded the ISO from Manjaro Cinnamon page along with the GPG sig. But for the life of me I cant figure out how to check it,…I keep looking for a *.sha1sum or *.sha256sum file but i cant find one to download just the sig file,.Very new to this,Thanks in advance…

john@john-H81M-DS2V:~/Downloads$ sha1sum -c manjaro-cinnamon-20.2-201208-linux59.iso
sha1sum: manjaro-cinnamon-20.2-201208-linux59.iso: no properly formatted SHA1 checksum lines found

Hello @John1 :wink:

  1. How-to verify GPG key of official .ISO images - Manjaro
  2. Here are all files: Downloading File /cinnamon/20.2 - Manjarolinux Community - OSDN
    Download a *.sha256 file. It have to be in the same folder. Then:
sha256sum -c manjaro-cinnamon-20.2-201208-linux59.iso.sha256

Hope that helps…

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manjaro-cinnamon-20.2-201208-linux59.iso: OK

Thank you megavolt,…worked great!
One more question: Can I use this ISO as a Live DVD?

Yes it should be able to boot as Desktop, so not only an installer. But anything saved there will not persist.

This is the way to use Manjaro as persistent boot:

Thanks megavolt…It booted up just fine,.Thank you for help.

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