Check out Microsoft’s new package manager!

Microsoft is developing an open source package manager for Windows 10. I suspect it’s to try to draw devs back to Windows with better (Linux-like) integration. I have to admit this was quite unexpected and clever on their part.


It would be pretty sweet if it allows for the installation of apps without needing an account on the Windows store.


It would. Though I suspect they could still track who has installed what through the Windows product keys and IP addresses. Not much anyone can do about that. That being said this is a curious move. If they really want to make me happy, ditch NTFS for BTRFS or ext4. No more freezes and defragging.


They are getting desperate. Good.


I would probably only use it in a corporate environment so that level of tracking isn't overly concerning(to me).

At work, the store is blocked so getting something out of it can be painful. Even worse if it needs to be automated.

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Heh. And when you fail to pay your upcoming monthly Windows 'dues', nothing that you installed will work.


My vote is for them to switch to BTRFS and make it easy once again to setup an offline account instead of hiding the option.

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