Chatty - issue with Matrix

Hello everyone,
I have a problem to add matrix user to chatty 0.6.1-1

The first error is ‘Couldn’t get home server address’ despite that the connection to (ping and in web browser) is without problems. I can add homeserver url and I get request whether I want to accept certificate for as the certificate could not be validated (The certificate is not trusted because no certificate that can verify it is currently trusted). Even if I accept the certificate, the request to accept the certificate would come again and again back.

Previously chatty was able to open encrypted messages and by default the client was ‘chatty’, now it is ‘purple-matrix’ without encryption support.

I downgraded to chatty 0.6.0-0 and 0.6.0beta1, but now neither of them works, except that I did not have to accept the certificate.

Chatty suppose to use its own matrix implementation and does not rely on purple-matrix and it is indicator that something is probably wrong.

I assume that the issue could be related to the certificates, or something changed with chatty.

I would appreciate any suggestions and advice.

The built-in matrix is enabled with gsettings get sm.puri.Chatty experimental-features
If it returns true the experimental native matrix shall be used.

To enable it: gsettings set sm.puri.Chatty experimental-features true
Then restart chatty (either killall chatty, or restart device).

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