Changing video resolution on mpv (in Plasma) by moving the player?

When I started using Manjaro almost a year ago I really liked a feature that I discovered by accident that was, whenever I opened a 1080p video with mpv, the player would automatically change the resolution of the video to 720p whenever I moved the window with the mouse. This only happened with 1080p videos.

Thing is, whenever I try to do that now it doesn’t change the resolution automatically and I don’t know if it’s because something changed with mpv, Plasma, Manjaro, my GPU settings or whatever it might have been. So I’m hoping someone can help me bring back this feature because I really prefer watching 1080p videos in 720p.

I figured out what the problem was. When I changed the settings for the window with KWin, the mpv window would not change resolution anymore. After removing the property it went back to normal.

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