Changing USB permissions

Hi all, so I tried to format my usb drive that contains manjaro boot using gparted but got the following error message, Cant write to /dev/sdb it is opened as read only.
So i searched around the forum and saw that i could change permissions by going to /run/media/username and changing permissions via root actions so i did that but it didnt work. Owner, group other all had read and executable shown but write was unchecked per say so i clicked on them okey and everything, but it still didnt work. When i went to change permissions again the write option was again unchecked so what should i do?

Update* Im guessing the usb has some hardware damage cuz i tried multiple methods i saw on the forum and none worked. I read that most pen drives auto lock to read only when this happens and im guessing that is the issue. Ill cross check on my friends windows pc later on but right now no success

Just unmount the device

The content of /run folder is dynamic which is recreated on boot - any changes you make will not survive a reboot.

How can i go about unmounting it?

Like you umount every other device

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