Changing right-aligned Task Manager icon size

I’m trying to adjust the icon size on my task manager bar. I have the bar moved to the right side of the screen, so I can’t just make it shorter - the height is “the entire screen”. Also, this is the Task Manager, not the Icon-Only Task Manager.

I can’t find an Icon Size option anywhere in the settings; actually, that’s slightly untrue, I saw one once, then I rebooted, and now I can’t find it again. I’m not totally sure why it’s vanished.

Anyone know how to change the icon size on a right-aligned Task Manager widget?

Hi @ZorbaTHut, and welcome!

Have you tried the following:

  1. Right-click on the panel and select Enter edit mode

  1. In Edit mode you can adjust the Panel height.

I’ve done mine many moons ago, but IIRC the icons scale when the panel height is adjusted.

Hope this helps!

As I mentioned, the taskbar is aligned to the right side of the screen, and therefore I can’t adjust the panel height, which is “the entire screen”, but only the panel width, which I need to be rather high so I can see things.

(It won’t let me embed images, apparently, or I’d include a screenshot.)

Regarding the screenshot, see

I’m certain height (in the case of my panel) can be swapped for width (as in the case of your panel.)

With a large width, it looks like this:

With a small width, it looks like this:


Which does technically have small icons, you’re correct. But this isn’t actually useful because now there’s no room for text, which entirely defeats the point of using the task manager instead of the icons-only task manager.

I’d like the full task manager, but with smaller icons. For comparison, here’s what Windows looks like:


Is there any way to achieve that?

(edit: also, thanks for the pointer on how to upload images :V)

I understand. I believe it is doable, I am just not :100: on how to do it. But have a look here:

Also here:

Hope it helps!

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Hey, I managed to find it!

For anyone searching for this: follow the instructions on those links for copying a widget, you’re looking for org.kde.plasma.taskmanager, edit contents/ui/code/layout.js and change function preferredMaxHeight() as you see fit; I simply replaced the contents with return PlasmaCore.Units.iconSizes.medium;.

Time to go see if I can get a feature added :V

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