Changing notifications in Manjaro Deepin



Hello again! I’m looking to modify the behavior of the notification daemon that comes with Manjaro Deepin, or maybe change into another notification dameon. Can anyone point me to any resources to do so?


Hello. I don’t have a specific answer to your Deepin question, but I’ve looked into similar issues in other DE’s and have found that whatever notification code all the DE’s are drawing from is fairly inflexible. You’d think notification timing, location, modes, actions, etc would be fairly configurable, especially in an age when iOS and Android notifications are ever more sophisticated, but it’s not the case. Most of the notification stuff is hard coded in and isn’t amenable to modification :frowning:.


That is quite sad. I wish we had native clickable notifications like in Windows, but it’s something I can live with.


This is my #1 most wanted new feature for all of Linux right now…