Changing manjaro gnome to kde

Hello there,
I am using manjaro gnome version but now i want to change from gnome to kde or anyone else. Can you suggest me anything. I am a computer science student and in next sem i have linux as subject. So which one will be best for me..???

And if i want to change can i change my version withouse data lose. I have many applications and files in my system and I don't want to lose them.

I have 64bit laptop with 4gb of ram. I want to learn all about terminal, which linux will be best for me(manjaro).

And which editor is best for python.?

Nobody can answer this question for you. It is wholly a matter of personal preference. I recommend you try them in virtual machine(VM) and see which ones you prefer.

Once you make a decision, you can switch your Desktop Environment(DE) by following this guide. I would strongly recommend you not install a bunch of desktops to test them out, that will leave your system a mess. Use a VM to try them out and than install the one you want to switch to.

You should be able to run any official version of Manjaro with those specs. Which is best is wholly up to your personal preferences. They are all Manjaro, they all use the same repos and get the same updates.

Also a matter of personal preference. I think Pycharm is a good starting point. The name of the package is pycharm-community-edition

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