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I need to change one of my machines from testing back to stable. I find a lot of threads here wanting to go the other way but nothing really to help me. I did use the pacman api command to change from testing to stable branch and did an Syyu with no real effect. While testing has been really excellent, I need to change the machine into something I can use in a production environment. Other than changing the mirror I am not sure what else to do. Any suggestions would be deeply appreciated.


you have to

  • change first mirrors to Stable
  • do a sync to stable repo
sudo pacman-mirrors --api --set-branch Stable
sudo pacman -Syyuu


After changing the branch in /etc/pacman-mirrors.conf to stable you could downgrade all your packages to stable by issuing pacman -Syyuu. But I am not sure if that is 100 % reliable


Currently testing has the exact same packages.

:: Compare branch ‘stable’ with branch ‘testing’.
Continue? [Y/n]
:: Obtaining data…
obtaining remote repository packages…
obtaining remote repository packages…
:: Branches are the same.


Wow thanks very much to all of you. Deeply appreciated! Now if I can just get ·&$/% baloo killed I will be happy!
Everyone have a great weekend.

balooctl stop
balooctl disable



Many thanks. Tried that before and it didnt work. What I did do was in /usr/bin, deleted the 3 baloo files. After baloo started on this machine it would for all intents and purposes make the desktop unusable. Cursor moved erratically and so forth. Watching what happened using either htop or gkrellm, CPU usage went way up and baloo hogged storage access. Anyway, thanks for the kind suggestion. Have a great weekend.

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