Changing default LXQT file manager to Dolphin



Ok, I would think this to be easy, just edit the mimeapps file or change it in the file associations control panel, no? Except that there’s no mention of a file manager there, so I’m a little confused, where’d they hide it? Search is not my friend apparently tonight.
And will I need to change any other settings beyond pointing the system at Dolphin instead of PCManFM-QT (and of course reboot, delete PCMan, reboot)?


pcmanfm-qt controls the Desktop… it’s likely you will make a mess of things.


I think it is there under inode/directory entry.


Prolly, but wouldn’t be the first time on that computer, which thankfully isn’t mission critical, so it’s serving as a guinea pig for setting up LXQT the way I want it.


Be advised that pcmanfm-qt is at the root of LXQt and the developers would tell you not to remove it…


Ah, so better to point what I can at Dolphin, and leave PCMan there, we can do that.


Does’t installing dolphin on Lxqt bring in most of the KDE desktop for dependencies. I thought that was the point of using Lxqt, to have a light OS. Maybe I’m missing something, but why not just run KDE then?


Lxqt can never be a lighter version for KDE users its missing so much so use it as is.or try asking the developers of pcmanfm-qt to add features of dolphin.but one thing is sure openbox must be replaced with kwin.or something similar.


Nope. I have, for some time now, an openbox (not lxqt) that is completely kde’fied. Dolphin, konsole, okular…in an openbox environment. And with sddm. Faster and lighter than plasma or lxqt. My other (custom) openboxes are in lxterminal, pcmanfm and also much faster and lighter (firefox, smplayer and others… < 4 GB) than the distro openboxes and my kde’fied OB.

Openbox can work fine with kde.
But yes, I see no reason to kde’fy lxqt, just use plasma. But if anyone wants to, I think he should just go ahead.


do you get desktop effects with openbox???
tiling script


Heh heh. All my OB’s (I have 4) are customized so I don’t have to use …those fancy stuff (conky, dock, oblog.something and things I forgot the names for). But I allow some luxury for menu (tint2) and wallpaper (feh). But that’s about all. (oh …and a tor browser),

[edit] - just saw you new addition/edit.

You can modify in in rc.xml (only other thing is menu.xml)
The default tiling in OB is center.
I always change it to…er, how do you call it? edge? and that’s in rx.xml.
But I confess I cheat a little. Since I have a few OB and install to test a few, I keep my default rx.xml, menu.xml tint2.config and replace the installed files with my own immediately after installation. Oh… together with openbox/autostart.


even with all that kwin is still better for qt


I am not going to debate that. Not that I disagree or agree. Just not germaine.
But do not argue with me on cheesecake! :rofl: (you’re new here, search the forum)
That’s the third rail. Ho Ho Ho.


yeah why am i arguing i use kde so im set
im not gonna change de for lighter alternative


I also have 4 plasma’s, no 5!
What’s to argue?

My, I just counted. I have 7 plasma kde’s.
Gee, that’s too much.


Not sure about the dependencies, but can’t be worse than Deepin (ran that on Xfce as a second file manager, should see what it pulls in). Dolphin is because of how it sorts folders (and presumably files), few Linux file managers acknowledge symbols in folder names, something I use from my OSX days to force certain folders to the top.

Tried installing it per instructions elsewhere on the forum, and it rather borked the computer, so I’ll just stick with OpenBox