Changing backround of the Emacs on terminal[Solved]

I need to find The Emacs’s configuration file calledinit.el .

Because I want to set terminal backround instead the Emacs’ default according this

cd /usr/bin/ && ls -l emacs
lrwxrwxrwx 1 root root 10 Ağu 28 21:21 emacs -> emacs-27.1
cd emacs
bash: cd: emacs: Not a directory
cd emacs-27.1
bash: cd: emacs: Not a directory

I cant open emacs directory for finding init.el file

How can I open emac directory?
Do I create ? where?

because that is not a directory but a file/a link to a file
/usr/bin/emacs is a link to /usr/bin/emacs-27.1
this is the binary, the program itself

Configuration is saved to the file
much of it can be done from within the program itself
There is also a
/home/$username/.emacs.d directory

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that’s interesting cd command can not open .emacs directoy .

Also ls command do not list .files

thank you so much

because that is also a file - not a directory

It does - if you call it with the flag that does this:
ls -a
ls -al
ls -hl
man ls

install “mc” - it’s a terminal filemanager
You’ll fast get a grasp of how your system is structured - and it’s an awesome tool
It can be used with a mouse, but it is better when just the keyboard is used (up, down, left, right arrows, the ENTER and the TAB key mostly

But since emacs has the reputation of being the one thing which can do almost everything - file manager and web-browser included - you won’t need it. :wink:

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