Changes/Changelogs for manjaro/arch packages

I don’t know if the below mentioned questions have been asked somewhere else already but I can’t find them on the forum

Today I noticed that 5 packages can be updated:

libva-mesa-driver 22.3.4-1 -> 22.3.4-2
mesa 22.3.4-1 -> 22.3.4-2
mesa-vdpau 22.3.4-1 -> 22.3.4-2
vulkan-intel 22.3.4-1 -> 22.3.4-2
vulkan-radeon 22.3.4-1 -> 22.3.4-2

Just the suffix and the number behind it (example -2) have changed on all of them.

  • What exactly is meant with these small updates, is this something from the manjaro maintainers?
  • Where can I find the changelog or the changes itself?

I tried the following websites, but some packages are neither listed or list an older version:

Is there a recommended/optimal way to view the changes between two versions before installing the updates?
I haven’t found a simple way to do that with pacman or pamac and the websites do not show the latest packages.

Btw. is it just me or is the Compare Version feature on the manjaro packages website not working as intended?
It just opens a new tab with the previous website adress with the overview of the searched package.

I’d be grateful for any help!

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Those are usually just rebuilds, e.g. in the event that a package they commonly depend on — e.g. glibc — was upgraded and required a recompile of the source code.

I’ll have to leave that for someone else to answer. :slight_smile:

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Thank you for your quick answer, but two questions remains on this.

  • So if a package that they commonly depend on was updated, shouldn’t this package also show as an update on my side?
  • And where can I find the sources of these packages?
    For example libva-mesa-driver on the Arch Linux Packages is still on 22.3.4-1 but on the manjaro packages it is 22.3.4-2 but the package source is not listed on the manjaro gitlab page.

Yes, but there’s a chance this was overlooked. Most of the Manjaro developers are currently at FOSDEM in Brussels, and so package updates have been a bit chaotic this weekend.

Some of those packages are automatically rebuilt on a private server run by one of the team members and are then sync’d back to the main repo. You would have to ask them about that.


The update was done to address the following issue. PKGBUILD changes are now available.