Changed GPU - no picture after BIOS tty question

Hi - I just installed a AMD ASUS RX 580 8gb card on my desktop. After changing to this I get picutre in BIOS and also Windows but nothing happens in Manjaro - when I try to press F2-F7 for tty I get to where can choose to boot manjaro - edit boot options or go to grub command line.

I cant press Ctrl + Alt F2 F3 F4 or anything at all to reach a command line, all I can get to is the grub.

The card has been used for mining, but works in BIOS and Windows, so surely it should work in manjaro aswell?
What am I doing wrong? How do I get to the tty so I can do a “yay -Syu” for the card to update drivers.

Also if anyone got a stock RX 580 8GB bios I’d appreciate it :stuck_out_tongue:

Hello, I had a similar problem and you can either live with it or you read about the current driver issues for new generation cards here in the forum.

This card is old type is old tho?

Is you current driver still supporting this card? You may try some free-driver for testing?

It works with adrenaline in Windows and I cant get to login or command line, soI dunno how to test it

That isn’t good advice

The RX 580 was released in 2017. amdgpu, the AMD open source driver, supports further back than that. And for very old cards, we have the radeon driver that is also built into the kernel.

You can only use the free driver on AMD cards unless you use AUR to install the proprietary driver. Neither Manjaro nor Arch offers proprietary AMD drivers in the official repo.

The free / open source drivers are built into the kernel.

You haven’t explained what the issue is besides that you can’t get into tty. What exactly happens when you try to boot into Manjaro from grub?

Your title is confusing:

Changed GPU - no picture after BIOS tty question

Also, what GPU did you change from?

I changed from Radeon HD6970 to a ASUS 580 8gb card.
When I boot, I get to choose OS (only manjaro there) and choose which version of Manjaro I want to start. But never reach the login screen so I can’t type in my password. So the screen goes black after that and I am trying to Ctrl + Alt + F2-F7 to get into tty to be able to type in a command - but nothing happens.

Btw, I installed Xfce instead of Mate and it works fine now.
I had no important files and wanted to try out a different Desktop Enviorement anyway

Looks like you’ve solved your issue with a reinstall.

But just to explain why it was probably having issues is that you were probably on the radeon driver from the old GPU, which doesn’t support newer AMD GPUs. You’d need to be on amdgpu drivers.

So to solve the issue, you would have needed to go into a LiveISO to fix it.

This is just a guess of what happened