Change to AMD GPU and stuttering

Im using Linux for gaming and work . Had GTX 1060 and good gaming experience.
Recently changed to AMD Rx 6600 xt and now stuttering in all games begins.
Driver = open source video- Linux
Kernel 5.14
What should I do?
Heard AMD is better in Linux but now :expressionless::expressionless:

That kernel is EOL.

So the first thing you should do is change to a different one, preferable 5.10 or 5.15 as they’re both LTS.

See Linux kernel version history - Wikipedia

I don’t know if this’ll make a difference, but it should be done anyway.

Tnx I’ll check it.

Hi there,
you might find some advice here:

For example this passage:

Usually a sign of shaders being compiled, that’s probably mandatory since you changed video card, shaders need to be rebuild. Steam games can benefit from the Shader Pre Caching feature in Steam settings, it makes shader pre-compile before starting the game so in theory all/most shaders are already good to go, no need for extra work during gameplay to show an effect, textures, and all. The downside of this feature is that it costs extra download, and some processing time for the shaders to be ready.

PS: go with kernel 5.15 your card requires recent kernel.


I searched and find installed driver is ok.

Yeah shaders on in setting. But never seen this kind of stuttering.
Before there were little in beginning of game but now it continues…
Tnx for answer’s.
Think there should be something like gamebuntu for Arch.

Changed kernel but problem persist.

Changed to gnome and solved

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