Change Terminal Style on new Install to look like on old installation

I have a laptop where I installed Manjaro Gnome on my laptop about a year ago. Recently I installed Manjaro Gnome on my Desktop and there the terminal is looking very different than on the old installation.
` The first image is the old installation and the second the recent installation
Can someone help me changing the terminal to look like on my laptop. Thanks

Think gnome now uses zsh by default instead of bash so you’ll need to switch to bash if you want the “old terminal look”

Switch to maia-zsh-prompt. Replace in your .zshrc your current prompt by this:

source /usr/share/zsh/zsh-maia-prompt

You can also replace .zshrc file.

EDIT: I looked into new .zshrc file and you have option for using powerline, set it to false:

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