Change or disable the sound played when adjusting volume using volume key in Manjaro KDE

Hi There,
Hoping this is the right place for this question.

In Manjaro KDE, when I press the keyboard volume keys, the system plays a popping sound to indicate the volume has changed. This is starting to irritate me and I'd like to disable it. I suspect it's a KDE thing. In other desktop environments, I've seen options to change system sounds but I've not seen that in KDE. I'm guessing it's hidden in a menu somewhere and you'd be just the guys to help me find this menu. I have DuckDuckGo searched for tthis. I suspect this is more of a KDE question more than a Manjaro question, but if this sound is irritating me in Manjaro KDE, perhaps it's irritating others?


(right click on volume) Configure Audio Volume Settings > Uncheck "Play sound when volume changes"

[funny enough ..this made me double check only to realize mine doesnt seem to work even if I turn it on. hah.]

Thanks! Argh, I feel like such a Muppet. It's the first thing that shows up when you click configure audio volume settings. I'd looked around those menus but neglected to actually interpret what they said.

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