Change of treasurer for Manjaro community funds

I really don't understand why philm keeps unlisting this topic. We need the transparency and discussion about it.

Just like during the Freeoffice controversy we had in the past. Manjaro was transparent about it, community responded, Manjaro took in the feedback and responded.

I will be pissed off if Philm deleted this thread.

It's just philm trying to hide this controversy. No one else on the Manjaro team is reacting positively towards him in this thread so far


This whole thing is troubling, but especially the above quoted. Think I might have to give openSUSE Tumbleweed a run this weekend just in case this doesn't play out as it should. As @anon85858489 said "I will be keeping my alternatives on standby."


I have PM'd @philm for him to stop unlisting this topic.

It has to be resolved in the open, otherwise it's gonna badly dammage the manjaro brand.


Can everyone stay calm and make this not worse as it already is? Unlisting is for a reason.

I think this is a little misleading. To me it seemed that you took the initiative to step down as a treasurer because you got frustrated with the conflict.

I think the reason that @philm was unhappy about the rejection is that it happened without discussion, or at least any discussion was not visible in Open collective. I think the expectation was that the after the expense was filed, it would then be discussed and either rejected or, more likely, approved. I think that a part of this conflict is due to a misunderstanding and different expectations.


I would be okay with it if you or the Manjaro team gave a good reason why you're unlisting this topic. Such as "there will be a public follow up on this matter soon" or something.

We need some transparency on this, not just unlisting without saying anything.


The fact that they haven't been able to resolve this between themselves means the problem is pretty serious and concerns the whole team, IMHO

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State you reason then.

Be forthcoming and don't try to obfuscate things.

You're the one making it worse by unlisting the topic.


So I wasn't "holding back the project" I made all of the team an admin on OC. I was then removed as admin. Ergo, I was removed.


Ok ... If is about transparency, then all of you should ask @jonathon
What s h i t doesn't want to deal with anymore, and why he stated:

When on other channels he was the one taking that decision ?

Please, take a step back and think it all trough. You always talk about being calm. I never sad it, but please calm down !!!


Aah, so that's what happened.


This is being handled poorly. Sweeping the topic under the rug will not make the problem go away, and it just makes everything look even more suspicious.


This thread was going to explode with comments before anyone who actually knows about the situation gets to sort out what has happened and what is going to happen. From that point, unlisting the topic makes sense even though it looks bad.


Not sure how the community is responsible for making this worse. I'm new here so this is just my unbiased objective view from a relative outsider. A former treasurer has made some claims that are unnerving and cause for alarm from within the community. These need to be addressed publicly and with the utmost transparency or this is gonna fall apart real fast. People just want an explanation for the accusations made. Not sure if anyone's fears can be calmed before that happens.


It really only looks bad because it was unlisted without any said reasoning, or follow-up information.

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Sure, covering up is better than transparency ... Not in my book, it's not.


Would you rather that the thread to exploded with comments or that people talk about it on other platforms? As it stands now, it looks really shady, even though it's probably a miscommunication.

The only way this won't look bad is if you explain everything and prove that @jonathon is overreacting.


It is not and I'm not trying to claim or imply otherwise.

I agree. But it doesn't help anyone trying to understand the situation if there are hundreds of comments between the ones that actually give light to the situation. So, I personally think it would best that we first discussed what has happened and then people can comment on that. I'm not a forum admin, so it's not my call anyway.


And did you read that treasurer statement from the other channel ?

Isn't that screenshot a proof of what is what ?


There are two sides to every story. I am not accusing anyone of lying here with this. But let's get statements from each side before we freak. We are Manjaro Linux, not Facebook. Let us treat this with concern but not jump to conclusions. The thread has been unlisted and its clear its not going to be relisted for a while, thus we are the jury in the court. I can see the argument about transparency vs panic on both sides, but for now, let's wait on a statement from Mr. Philm and other team members and see if the situation is as bad as the accusation makes it out to be. We can make our decisions on continuing with Manjaro, or not, once we have enough information.


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