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Sorry another newb question, to change back to mainline kernel, do i simply just install the mainline versions or do I need to remove the RC versions first?

If you run

$ sudo pacman -Syu linux-rpi4-mainline linux-rpi4-mainline-headers

You will be prompted once for each package, that the mainline version conflicts with the rc version and if you would like to remove the rc, answer “y”.

pacman will then remove the rc versions and install the mainline versions.

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Install the linux-rpi4-mainline and headers. It will ask to remove the other packages.

Oops we double posted @0n0w1c

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Thank you for the help!

I’m not sure what happened but after reverting from RC back to Stable crashed my pi. It wouldn’t boot. I wonder if there were more packages I had to change over. When it hangs at boot or during boot, is there a way to recover or enter terminal? How do you recommend backup? I ended up reinstalling everything but would like to know for the future. Thanks again for your help.

Changing kernels is fairly straight forward but it can require different configurations due to changes in the various drivers. Currently, video support is undergoing major changes and until that is all settled, it is easier to stick with stable.

I would need to know the particular issue and errors encountered to begin to explain how to resolve the issue. But in general, if your keyboard is fully supported, you can press ctrl-alt-f3 to switch to a console login if the GUI login is not starting properly.

I switch back and fort between kernels generally 3 times a week testing new kernels and never run in to that. The only thing that can change is the /boot/config.txt which I have to put it back to it’s prior state but it is backed up as /boot/config.txt.pacsave. If you have modified /boot/cmndline.txt it will be overwritten also.

Maybe I messed something up probably not in the correct branch. May have been in stable… I noticed arm stable just updated the * Mesa is now at 20.2.6

Would I still need to run the command below or is it all included now?
$ sudo pacman -Syu linux-rpi4 linux-rpi4-headers

All depends what you did before. You can check in the repo if it is installed or just run the command and install.

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