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How do I change the icon of a chrome app (made as shortcut) for a icon image I can download form the net?
I would like to change the HBO icon to their logo.
This also happens in Win10 but it’s easy to change the icon to select an .ico file.



You can right-click on the launcher and select Properties. In the window that opens in the General tab you can click on the icon to replace it with another one.
Once the window for the selection of the icon has opened, choose Image Files under the option Select icon from and pick the icon you prefer for the launcher by navigating to the directory it’s saved.

Another option would be to open the launcher using a text editor (Mousepad for example), find the line beginning with Icon= and change it so that it contains the path to your preferred icon.

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That worked!
Thank you very much Sir!

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P.S. Don’t know why this only happens with HBO.
Netflix and Prime Video assume the correct icons under Chrome Apps.

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