Change Grub theme in Manjaro Deepin from the default

New to manjaro here so some help is appreciated. I wanted to change the grub theme of my manjaro which is running the deepin desktop right now. Can anyone help me out a bit here?

If you just want to change the background pic, put it in /usr/share/grub/themes/manjaro and name it background.png. Make sure the pic is in png format.
If you want to change the whole theme, use this for some themes you have (starfield as noted in the link comes with manjaro). Or you can download grub themes from many places and install them.
Or if you want to create your own themes, search for petsam and he has a topic on how to create your own theme. He also has one created for you to download.

You're new here but searches on this forum is recommended before posting a query.
Welcome to Manjaro.


Thanks for the help. Can you tell me how to install a new theme like this one

Ok So I was able to modify my grub.cfg and it worked. Thanks a lot. It just that can we rearrange the items in grub menu? move the advanced options to the bottom?

You're welcome.
Can we rearrange items? Simple answer, no - for distro and upstream grubs.
But I use my own grub here and I arrange or put in whatever I want to put in (with several grub themes to select). But I won't recommend it for for fewer than 3 linux OS's. Too much work.

You can rearrange the grub.cfg by yourself (and change the title too). With 2 qualifications.
o It will revert to the system 'settings' upon any update-grub or grub-install.
This includes any kernel upgrade as this will be done automatically.
o There will be a 'severe' and 'harsh' warning admonishing you not to do it.
In kde, you will need to use a super super command to change grub.cfg. A 'kate' or 'sudo' won't do.
'SUDO_EDITOR=kate sudoedit /boot/grub/grub.cfg'

aww. Well that's a bummer. Anyway I can live with that I guess. Anyway to remove the advanced option then or temporarily hide it? (I know its a long shot...:sweat_smile: ). Thanks a lot anyway.

Not that I know of. Heh heh heh.

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