Change from Xfce to Plasma 5

I added KDE Plasma DE and new user. The previous DE, for user1, was Xfce. Now I would like to eliminate user1 and Xfce and keep and enable user2 to see and access everything (data partition primarily). Can I do this with something like fstab, or would it be better re-install Manjaro with KDE Plasma? The main thing is to gain access to everything for user2 regardless of whether or not I eliminate user1.

fstab does not even come into this

The second user should have the default configuration for both Xfce and KDE Plasma
(since they both where present at the time you created that user).

Plasma (KDE) has apps based upon QT
while Xfce has apps based upon GTK

Both work in both environments.

If you want “pure” KDE" or pure Plasma - remove Xfce apps you don’t want or need anymore.

After testing that everything works as intended, you can remove the user1.
But make sure that the new user2 has admin privileges - as the user1 likely had.

Make it a member of the “wheel” group.

… else, when you remove user1, you will lose the ability to do system administration tasks
such as … updating …

keep both users - until you know what you are doing :sunglasses: