Change folder icons in a remote folder (Dolphin)


I have a couple remote folders that i access via Samba. I was wondering if there was a way to change some of the folder icons in those remote folders from within dolphin.

I used to use insync to back up these folders, and i was able to change the icons as the files were stored locally. This also had the benefit of syncing the .desktop file (i think thats what it was) so the icons would also change on my laptop.

I recently upgraded to a NAS, and it seems like its not obvious whether something similar is available?

The custom icons for folders on KDE Plasma Dolphin have a .directory file inside them, as text, with this entry

[Desktop Entry]

If your NAS is not copying those, then you can’t do much about, unless you want to use symlinks, with custom icons, to point to the original folders.