CHANGE DeskMini UM700 /Manjaro MiniPC for a Manjaro STEAM BOX edition with RDNA2 GPU

With the hype of the Steam Deck and the good performance of RDNA2 integrated graphics.

I think that to offer Manjaro powered STEAM BOX and STEAM laptop, if possible with coreboot, and the new Steam interface for console / gaming use, plus a controller similar to the Steam deck one it will sell as hot bread.

Perhaps I am wrong or it would be too difficult to do, but I think it is a great opportunity for Manjaro to become the desktop and laptop alternative OS to Steam OS with a special spin or edition for gamers, with a special kernel, Steam Deck DE?, SDDE or SDE? and KDE to attract more people - more customers - to Manjaro OS.

And I mean people that would use their computers for work or for study, but also for leisure including gaming can be attracted to a Manjaro Steam box or Manjaro Steam laptop in my opinion.

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