Change default type when running app

Hello everyeone, so I just migrating from XFCE edition to i3wm yesterday. Love it but still need to adapt. But somehow I have this problem.

When I press Mod + D and select the app (i3-sensible-terminal in my case), the type pops up which give you an option how do you want to launch it (IIRC, there is background, terminal, terminal-hold). I choose terminal as launch type, now I want to revert back to run it on background.

How do I achieve this?

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Open the file ~/.config/dmenu-recent/terminal, find the line referring to the application you’re interested in and simply delete that line.

Next time you launch dmenu and select to open the same application, you’ll see again the prompt and will be able to choose a different way (background in your case) to open it.

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Ah I got it, it’s done thank you!

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