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Switched from KDE to Xfce recently. I use both Russian and English layouts. How to change layout only in an application? Like, I don’t want to change the system layout when chatting with friends while coding (I don’t use Russian in any IDE). So, I want to remember the layout for a specific application. Coding on English → swap to chat (automatically swap on Russian) → swap to IDE again (automatically swap layout on English). This function was in KDE, but I don’t see the same here

Hi. I can’t remember if Xfce layout switcher has the option to save layout for each application. You can try to use some other layout switcher instead (list here). I used gxkb (more nice and modern) and xxkb (light, but old and ugly). I think both of them has that option.

I installed gxkb and it has this feature. But, how did you launched it? Github description tells that I should type gxkb & in a terminal. So, ought I type this every time I launch my computer?

Btw, where can i found how to configure xxkb? I see no description on its page in Sourceforge

Just add it to autostart in Xfce settings.

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IIRC it has man page or maybe default config file that you can copy and modify. I did that several years ago, so I’m not sure.

Added to autostart gxkb. Yes, everything is working fine, thank you.

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