Change Alt-F9 too Super-M

if i use Alt-F9 the window is minimized. That works great :+1:

I want change this keyboard shortcut by using WindowKey+M
so i am able to active it with only the left-hand.

maybe som know how to do this.
thanks :slight_smile:

The keyboard shortcut for this action can be edited in Settings > Window Manager > Keyboard (search for the Hide window action).

In order for this to work you have to unbind the Whisker Menu from opening when pressing the Super key. This can be configured in Settings > Keyboard > Application Shortcuts.

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first solution:
Settings > Keyboard > Application Shortcuts > Whisker Menu Super R
Settings > Window Manager > Keyboard > Hide window > Super LM

tried also (is not working):
Settings > Keyboard > Application Shortcuts > Whisker Menu Super L and Super R
Settings > Window Manager > Keyboard > Hide window > AltF9
And created autoKey script:


BTW i read:
may good to read later:

If you want to bind whisker-menu to Super, while having other keybindings with Super + another key have a look at the workaround with xcape:

If you are interested you can also read the discussion of this in the xfce bugtracker:

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i did not find a solution there. do i misunderstand?
They offter to Map Super Keys to Alt+F1 or so.
I dont want Map Super. I just want use Map Super + M for something else.
Its okay for me thats start shortly at the same time (whisker-menu Super is okay), while i use other keybindings with Super + M. hmmm. little confused :upside_down_face::thinking:

not read yet but may interesting is this show-desktop:

As a compromise, I tried to use only SuperL for the whisker-menu and for Hide-Fester SuperR + M . working

Yes, but that mapping only applies temporarily. xcape adds another key-combination to a modifier key, if it is pressed alone. This mapping can be limited in time (i.e. only for a short press).

with this solution whisker-menu is mapped to Alt+F1. If Super is pressed shortly alone xcape simulates Alt+F1, thus whisker-menu is launched. If Super is pressed long or with another key (e.g. D for show-desktop), xcape does not modify Super and Super is used in the binding. This enables all keybindings with Super to work without whisker-menu launching and thus also without interfering with the bonded function (e.g. show-desktop). I.e. Super + D for show-desktop (or Super + m for minimize-window in your case) will work in this case. This solution is also independent of left and right and viable if you have just one Super key (e.g. on a laptop)


please dont be angry not yet read all your postings.
found something:
This AutoKey-Script i coud trigger by Super+T (works with left and right Super):

# Displays the information of the next window to be left-clicked
import time
# mouse.wait_for_click(1)
winTitle = window.get_active_title()
winClass = window.get_active_class()
dialog.info_dialog("Window information", 
          "Active window information:\nTitle: '%s'\nClass: '%s'" % (winTitle, winClass))   

that means it was never the problem to recognize the shortcut. it was the problem to activate the show desktop action.

BTW is try to lern now the “Windows Key” + D. not the “Windows Key” + M, or Alt+F9
next i try to repair the defaults and try it with autoKey

BTW I have now decided to get used to the fact that I use the right super key for keyboard shortcuts (super+D = show desktop) and the left one for the whiskers menu

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