Cgroup v2 AND mount Permission denied

I installed drawio from snap

If I execute drawio I get the following error:

Command: drawio

2021/10/23 17:17:56.466353 cmd_run.go:576: WARNING: XAUTHORITY environment value is not a clean path: “/media/data/users/home/marco/.Xauthority”
WARNING: cgroup v2 is not fully supported yet, proceeding with partial confinement
cannot perform operation: mount --rbind /home /tmp/snap.rootfs_bLbbps//home: Permission denied

Any ideas?


I would deinstall it and use the AUR version.


Snaps and FlatPaks are sandboxed applications. They don’t have access to all of the system’s resources, least of all high-privileged ones.

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You provided the right suggestion to resolve the problem. Thx

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