CERN ditching Microsoft


Good news but also a good moment to think about some problems with open source software.

  1. It is known that several institutions or companies have had problems finding a service provider in their location area for, for example, the maintenance of servers and workstations, if they rely on Linux. Especially for short-term solutions.
  2. Not all Linux distributions are suitable for long-term interested users like a research institution. Only the big names like Canonical, SUSE or Redhat could provide comprehensive service straight away. Of course, CERN could be brave and bet on a different Linux distribution or BSD, but that requires some knowledge from the individual employees.
  3. For security-relevant areas, there are requirements in the use of software for which open source is not always suitable (or only with considerable modification).
  4. All text files or files of all formats must be fully compatible with Microsoft products to survive in communications. It would be a step if odt files were the standard in text documents (also from Microsoft).

But of course it will be better if more are interested in open source products.

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I think with some of the brightest minds in the world working at CERN they can work out the technical obstacles. I'm sure they didn't make this decision without fully investigating all the pitfalls they might encounter.


CERN won't (shouldn't?) have any issue with Linux. They were one of the backers of the Scientific Linux distribution up until 2015, when they migrated to CentOS.

(Scientific Linux is now being discontinued altogether in favor of CentOS.)

SL was based on the main flow of Red Hat Enterprise Linux.

After Red Hat "attracted" CentOS under its "skirts", SL has been thinking about CentOS as the main stream for its distribution.

SL, follow. It was never discontinued.

brightest minds doesn't neccessary mean brightest decision :wink: lots of discovery were done by mistakes without purpose

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I stand corrected.

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CERN ditching Microsoft

Of course:

When the going gets tough, only the tough can get going.

@demus - you have created a wormhole in the space time continuum :rofl:

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i keep having a mental image of CERN running on windoze, the video in the original post happening after a BSOD.

techs scrambling to look up the error code on :rofl:.

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Before that, there was the old SOC4.

i had to look that one up. the big difference here is that i found the answer in 1 min instead of searching the MS site for hours without any definitive answer in sight...... only to "windows restore" and then only to reinstall when restore fails. :sweat_smile: