CD Rom not recognised and/or recognised but doesn't function properly


Before the latest update my cd rom which had been working fine became unresponsive and would not load dvds. When I ran an the recent update the cd rom has started to load dvds sometimes and other times would not. It also loads them and then goes off-line and is not found again and then will come back after 10 minutes or so.
Any ideas how I can fix this please? Is the cd rom broken or is this a bug please?



It is most likely worn — i.e. the spindle motor has had its best days — or the lens may be dirty. Cleaning a dirty lens is difficult, and having it done by a professional is often more expensive than just buying a new drive.

Also, make sure you wipe the optical disks themselves from time to time.

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Thanks. I did think that it just was weird to have started working again after the update.

The behavior is often unpredictable. My own optical drive here has also had its best days, so I can commiserate. :wink:

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