Cautiously enabling ESSX8336 module in the kernel

Hi, it is my understanding that the most recent kernels (>= 5.16) should include support for the essx 8336 codec. However, the corresponding module is currently not configured for being built in the manjaro kernel. I wonder if it could be possible to cautiously enable the module for the next kernel releases, possibly blacklisting at the same time, so that it gets possible to try it on the distribution for those having the corresponding hardware.
Thanks for the attention!

I don’t think is done yet, at least not fully

You could try with sof-firmware directly form source GitHub - thesofproject/sof: Sound Open Firmware

Support was enabled in the 5.16 and 5.17 kernels yesterday:

So that is likely only on Unstable/testing branch now, but should get down to stable branch with the next stable branch update.

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