[Category request] General discussion

On the old forum, I loved the way that we had a category for topics that did not exactly fit in another category. We called this general discussion. This is where we discussed linux news, learned more about each other, and had some fun. Please bring it back :slight_smile:


Oh wow, I just noticed that this is missing. We’re also missing the Newbie Corner, Support for Community Editions, Showcase, Other Languages

Check out this topic :slight_smile:


Ah okay. So maybe “Support for Community Editions” also just falls under that as well.

Now just Languages

Can go under Contributions

We decided that we want to focus more on support and all categories should be newbie friendly.

Under Desktop environments

Under General discussion

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I’m assuming that means General discussion will be created? Thanks! And should problems With solutions that are not exactly tutorials go in support as well?

No, it already exists. I think it had a trust level requirement like in the previous forum, so it should be visible soon.



@codesardine Just closed my screenshots post under #contributions because screenshots are not a contribution and I agree. All this means is that the SHOWCASE category should be brough back.


without an off topic category i am lost here


There’s always the unofficial Reddit, Telegram and Discord channels. This is a support forum, not a social network.

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Yup. Then feel free to delete my account at any time…


So you prefer this be support only and community building be elsewhere?

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The team is still discussing the particulars and changes are being made daily. Of course we want community building while keeping it primarily a support forum.

There is a #general-discussion and #arm:general-arm-discussion area for users that have been around long enough to earn a higher trust level. This is just to keep the noise down a little. :wink:

In the process of creating the new forum, the team decided it was time for some changes as well. The community is what makes up the forum, so constructive criticism and feedback are welcome. If there is something that hasn’t already been addressed you’d like to suggest, please open a new topic in #site-feedback.


That is the thing I love about this forum :slight_smile: thank you and I look forward to the updates and decisions!

No really… please delete my account… i can use arch for support only forums…


Arch forums are for Arch only. If you don’t respect their rules, don’t expect to be around long. :wink:


These seem somewhat contradictory. Also given recent events seems rather out of touch to be removing the free discussion area.


Yeah that’s some bull right there. The screenshot threads on the old forum were my favourite parts of it, and actually fostered community interaction.

Seems like this Manjaro “team” aren’t interested in a community at all and basically want to turn this new forum into a big Q&A session.

Sod that.


And an attitude like that from Manjaro staff is why a sense of community will likely never be resurrected after the forum “crash”.

I’m disappointed, because the old Manjaro forum was a great place for chat and communal sharing of our desktops, setups, configs and experiences with Manjaro.

Apparently that sort of thing is not considered a “contribution” nowadays.


Do you want to foster a “community” like the official Arch forums? Because I sure as hell don’t.


We need Community Building, to get to know each other and build up trust levels and comradery.

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