Case frontal panel USBs not working

Hello, I have this weird issue that my pc case frontal USB ports are not working. I have checked and the are correctly plugged into the motherboard. This is a fresh install of manjaro with KDE desktop on a new ssd, I still have my old ssd with the previous install and if I boot from there the USB ports work fine. Does anyone knows why is this happening? any help would be greatly apreciated.

a) first check all option une UEFI motherboard
b) any other kernel boot on the older system ?
c) check version kernels ( old SSD , new SSD) , i can be also coming from Grub on boot ( not same version )

I have checked the bios and everything looks OK in there. In the old manjaro install i was using the kernel 5.13.19-2 and also had installed the 5.10.70-1 kernel. In the new install the kernel being used is 5.15.2-2. As for Grub, I really don’t know what to search for so I can’t give any info :confused:

see thit to see grub on start

then add linux 5.10 LTS and recheck
your case frontal panel

It worked! thank you very much, you were a godsend.

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