Caps Lock behavior not applied after reboot

I go to System Settings -> Input Devices -> Keyboard

Then select Advanced -> Configure keyboard options -> Caps Lock behavior -> Make Caps Lock an additional Esc

This works for setting my Caps Lock key as additional Escape. However, after reboot, Caps Lock has normal behavior again. If I go to the above setting, it is still set. I toggle off, apply, toggle on, apply, and I have the correct Caps Lock behavior again.

This works for me (the info is at the end of the forum thread above)

victorn wrote:
So, for SDDM the solution would be to place “Numlock=on” string inside /etc/sddm.conf.

I’m not sure what you mean by enabling num lock for my Caps Lock issue. Regardless, it seems like after the most recent update that Caps Lock stayed enabled after a reboot so it might have been a bug that was fixed. I will see how it goes on subsequent reboots.