*Cantata* not showing KDE's mute/unmute speaker icon in the Task Manager

Hi all, this is bugging me for a long time and until now I was hoping for an update that would fix it, which however never came :slight_smile:, so I’d like your opinion, what could be done in that direction? To make it more clear, normaly all audio/video applications pinned in the KDE Task Manager have a small speaker icon for muting/unmuting the sound when playing see for example screenshot, Cantata (from the community repo) however is missing that icon, as you can see.


I’ve reported the issue in the dev’s github here, but as you see he is not willing to look into it and has practically abandoned the project, so since I’m not a programmer myself, who could take a look into it since it belongs to the official stable repo as well and would be nice if it was “complete” for KDE? Should it be reported to MPD and their forums? Could any other programmer take a look and “pull it” to github? Would really appreciate any suggestions.