Can't write to extra hdd's mounted with fstab

This should be a quick and easy one for you guys.

My computer has 3 disk drives:

  • 256GB ssd (root and swap partitions)
  • 60GB ssd (ext4)
  • 2TB hdd (ext4)

I want to automatically mount the two extra drives at boot and I want all users to be able to read/write/execute on them. To this end, I added the following lines to fstab:

/dev/sdb1	/mnt/vertex	ext4	defaults,users,noatime 0 0
/dev/sdc1	/mnt/cuda	ext4	defaults,users,noatime 0 0

From what I’ve read about fstab, I thought this should work but it doesn’t. After rebooting or running sudo mount -a, the drives successfully mount but I cannot write to them as any user other than root.

Thinking this must because I created the dirs in /mnt as root, I created dirs in my home dir, and added these as the mount points in fstab. But the result is the same, at boot or by using sudo mount -a, the drives are mounted but cannot be written to without superuser privilege.

I also tried leaving the drives out of the fstab completely. Then I tried mounting them through the file manager (thunar). Even here, the result is the same, root takes ownership of the mount point and I cannot write to the drive.

I’ve read at least a dozen tutorials and fstab wikis. I have no idea why this won’t work.

At the moment the only way I can write to these drives is to run chown on the mount points. But I would like to avoid having to run this command every time I start my computer!

I might be wrong, but I believe the correct option to permit all users to mount the file system is ‘user’.

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The result is the same if I change the option to user. When I log in, the directories/mount points are owned by root. I tried manually unmounting and re-mounting: when I unmount, the dir ownership returns to root, when I mount, ownership changes to root and I cannot write to the drive.

If I leave the lines out of the fstab completely. When I log in, the drives are listed in the file manager (thunar). Clicking on them to mount results in the same problem - they are owned by root and I cannot write to them.

The only way I can write to them is if I use chown to change owners to myself. But I want to avoid having to do this every time I start the computer.

You have to set the rights of the partitions as user.

sudo chown -Rc $USER:  /mnt/vertex/UUID/

sudo chown -Rc $USER:  /mnt/cuda/UUID/

You can find out the UUID of the partition with sudo blkid

You only have to change that once!

There are a few ways.

  1. sudo chmod -R ugo+rwx /mountpoint # this allows anyone to read, write, execute
  2. sudo chown -R $USER:users /mountpoint # assuming users is a group that contains all users and that appropriate permissions have been set for that group
  3. Access control lists.

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