Can't write on samba share with Thunar

Hi all,

I can’t seem to be able to write on my mounted samba share with Thunar (1.8.15):

  • It works through the terminal
  • It works with midnight commander
  • It works with any other program I use to write files
  • I tried many different ways to set the correct rights (uid=myuser,file_mode=0777,dir_mode=0777,…)
  • When I check the permissions through Thunar it’s all correctly set to read&write
  • It also doesn’t work with Thunar as root
  • I’m using i3wm but it works just fine on my other machine with xfce4 environment (all based on xfce-manjaro)

It seems there is something wrong with thunar. I would prefer not to change my GUI file explorer.
Any ideas?

Thank you!

hmm… I am running stable xfce and my Thunar is 1.8.16. Have you updated and rebooted lately? No issues here with samba going Manjaro to Manjaro installs. I do not have a Windows install to test.