Can't view images on ranger

Hi, i can't view the preview images from images files like .jpg on ranger. How can i resolve this problem on manjaro i3 ? ... thanks and bye

Are you using urxvt as the default terminal emulator?

ranger uses by default the w3m console web browser for creating the image previews, which should be installed by default. Any chance you uninstalled w3m?
You can check if w3m is installed by running

pacman -Qs w3m
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Hi, yes is istalled.

This Wiki article might help you further:

Did you make any changes to the default ranger configuration file? I'm asking because image previews should be shown by default using urxvt without the need of extra configurations.


To further isolate the problem you might consider installing nnn to see if it will allow you to view your images. I use that with sakura (terminal) successfully.

Thanks a lot bill_t, now work it ... :slight_smile: bye

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Could you, please, tell how you fixed it? I have the same problem since the last update, but can't find the cause... I'm using ueberzug as the image_preview_method.

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Hi quantized, i followed the instructions on the github posted by bill_t , i haved to change rxvt-unicode to rxvt-unicode-pixbuf and make a little change on the ~/.config/ranger/rc* file.

Thanks for your reply,

So, you're using urxvt as the image_preview_method. Unfortunately, rxvt-unicode from Manjaro repos does not support pixbuf, and I just didn't want to use the one on the AUR. My guess is that the recent update to Python 3.8 might be the issue, since ueberzug is a Python script and most packages are still based on Python 3.7.

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