Can't use windows buttons after using manjaro

hello. I just recently installed manjaro for dualbooting with windows and it works succesfully. But there is an issue. After installing manjaro and using it for a time in my laptop. Now when im loading windows and logging in. The start button and search button is not working now in windows. So i cant use any app. But the buttons for apps in taskbar is working and thanks to that i can post this forum. Please help.Thanks in advance :slight_smile:

did you disabled secure boot and fastboot?

yes i did because manjaro couldnt load

do i have to turn on fastboot? because for fresh startup i turned that off since many years. but this didnt occur before

and also there is a problem… The date and time seems to be mismatched everytime i boot windows. This didnt happen before using manjaro and dualbooting

i dont know how windows buttons not working could be related to manjaro, but its possible…
check this list:

Firmware checklist for BIOS systems

  • :white_small_square: Use latest available firmware
  • :white_small_square: Disable EFI
  • :white_small_square: Disable RAID option
  • :white_small_square: Enable AHCI

Firmware checklist for EFI Systems

  • :white_small_square: Disable CSM (Legacy) boot
  • :white_small_square: Disable Secure Boot
  • :white_small_square: Enable AHCI
  • :white_small_square: Use latest available firmware
  • :white_small_square: Disable Optane Memory and Rapid Storage Technology (RST)
  • :white_small_square: Disable RAID option
  • :white_small_square: Disable Fast Boot (if unable to boot from USB)

and for the time issue check this link:

how do i diable RAID and optane and rapid store technology ? i have a uefi system

you search for it in your bios settings… however the optane and rapid store technology may not be available in your bios settings…

ok thanks ill try it. will reply the result later

So it’s a Windows issue…?

Manjaro don’t change anything on your Windows Installation and will never do so.

So this is a very specific Windows Issue and according to the Forum Rules, it is strictly off-topic. Therefore this thread will be closed.