Can't use Starship (a customizable prompt)

I’m trying to use Starship instead of Bash as my prompt. According to the docs, I have to:

  • Install it by doing cargo install starship
  • Add the following in the end of ~/.bashrc:
    - # ~/.bashrc
    - eval "$(starship init bash)"

But my prompt hasn’t changed yet. Here’s the beginning of my .bashrc file:

# ~/.bashrc
eval "$(starship init bash)"

Everytime I open my terminal the following is displayed:
bash: /home/blyatmobilebr/.bashrc: line 147: syntax error - premature ending of the file

Any ideas on why is it happening? I got stuck for 3h trying to copy my entire .bashrc content using VIM but that thing is making me pissed off :c

Try removing the “” and see what happens. May help, may not but the reason is clearing the syntax being used.

Hi :slight_smile:

Unfortunately it didn’t work :c

I’m sure you have read this, but maybe it will help?

I’m doing exactly what they show there, I think it’s not a manjaro problem and I’ll have to open an issue on their github repo.
Thanks for your help, have a nice day :slight_smile:

Starship is available in the AUR. There are a few choices:

  • starship: stable version built from source
  • starship-bin: stable version binary
  • starship-git: development version built from source
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I was able to install it, I was doing some wrong stuff when trying to install Fish, after messing with my .bashrc file up as well :c