Cant use my secondary drive?!

i just booted from an installation USB and i want to install Manjaro on my SSD (1TB Samsung 870 EVO).
It always says i don’t have a partition to install Manjaro on.
I have one. And its over 900GB.
What do i do? I also cant open the drive in file explorer because it says it couldn’t mount it.
How do i solve these problems?

Greetings from germany btw

What file format is that partition formatted for?

Is there a partition on that drive?
Can you upload a screenshot of the configuration step or run below command in your terminal and paste the output?

sudo lsblk -o name,mountpoint,fstype,label,size

No screenshots please - just text from the terminal

Without further context it is not possible to say anything.

That said - it is either a LVM from a previous Linux like Fedora or it is a NTFS formatted windows device.

  • If it is the first you will have to remove the LVM completely.
  • If it is the second you will have to reboot into Windows and disable Windows Features like Fast startup and hibernation/sleep/suspend - as those features is locking the filesystem to prevent filesystem damage. Rightclick the device in Windows Explorer → Properties → Check for errors.

Then restart your computer an retry the installation.